A Break-Down On The Range Of Gel Balls & What They Are!

Understanding The Different Types Of Gel Balls

Gel Balls, also referred to as water crystals and water beads. Are the bullets used in Gel Blaster Guns. Gel Balls are biodegradable, making them good for the environment and they are non-toxic, making them safe if consumed, in saying that we don't recommend that you go around eating them. Gel Balls are made by a Sodium Poly Acrylate material. They leave no residue or mess, because when fired they shatter on impact and evaporate within hours.

When making up gel balls you will need a 3 litre bottle, a washed out milk bottle is fine. Pour the full packet of beads into the bottle and fill with water. Then allow them to soak for at-least 4- 6 hours. The beads will then expand into 7mm-8mm gel balls when full size.

Gel Balls when stored correctly can last for years. Place them in a sealed container in the fridge and they will last for months.

So now that we understand what Gel Balls are, lets take a closer look at the range of Gel Balls we stock individually.

STD Orange Gel Balls

A packet for these contain 10,000 beads and grows to 7-8mm when formed. They are known to absorb more water and have a heavier weight.

They are a tough, competition grade Gel Ball that work great in all Gel Blasters such as: Jin Ming Gen8, Gen9, Gen10, ACR, M1911, Desert Eagle and more.

Milky White Gel Balls

These gels also come in packs of 10,000 and will expand to a size of 7-8mm. The difference between these and the STD's is that the milkies are a heavier gel ball and the outer shell is harder. So basically they hurt more if they hit you!

Again, work well in all gel blasters but best in: Kriss Vector, Scar, Auto Glocks and more.

STD Clear Gel Balls

Again sold in packs of 10,000 and will form the size of 7-8mm after 4-6hrs in water. These ones are the same as STD oranges just a transparent colour. So they too absorb water well and gain a heavier weight. Working well within all gel blasters and popular with the Jin Ming range.

Luminous Pearl Gel Balls

These only come in a pouch of 3,000 and there average size is 7.4mm. Making them well suited for all gel blaster models. With the difference being that they're speciality shines at NIGHT TIME! Because they glow in the dark! Making target practise and gel balling fun without daylight!

War Interest Gel Balls

Packets contain 10,000 gels and grow to a size of 7-8mm. These are extra tough, hardened whites that are best suited to heavy duty blasters, modified blasters and upgraded snipers. Blasters that fire over 270 fps. Because these gels are slightly bigger for standard barrels there recommended for performance blasters.

Tracer Glow in the Dark Gel Balls

These gel balls are only available in packs of 3,000 and the beads will expand to a size of 7-8mm. Again suited for most Gel Blasters and work the best at night! These are called Tracer gel balls and are the competitor to Pearls. They allow you to see your ammo and gain sight to attack your enemies when the lights are out!

So there you have it guys and gals. A complete break-down of our gel ball range and hopefully will assist you when making your next purchase. If you still have questions and or not sure on any products, please get in touch! We do offer full mods and upgrades across all gel blasters!

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