M4A1 Gen8 VS Gen9

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The question that is coming up a lot is, what's the difference?

Particularly from new clients, who are unsure and treating them like a mobile purchase. So, surely the Gen9 has to be better right? But not necessarily, it depends on what you want.

So, besides the obvious $30 difference in price, let's start by looking at what they both have in common.

Both the Gen8 and Gen9 have:

  • Up to a 15 high-speed round per-second

  • They both have a 25m shooting distance

  • Adjustable stock length

  • Use 7mm-8mm Gel balls

  • And are both Mag Fed

Now let's look at the differences:

  • The Gen9 is Nylon built, where the Gen8 is ABS

  • The Gen8 has a full-auto only option, where the Gen9 offers both full-auto and semi

  • The Gen9 has a more well-balanced weight as opposed to the Gen8

  • However, the Gen8 has a 250 feet per-second, where the Gen9 is said to be 220

  • Also, the Gen8 has alot more aftermarket parts available as opposed to the Gen9

  • Gen 8 has the benefit of Picatinny Rails on the “Fishbones” allowing for easy addition of torch, fore grip, laser etc. Where as the Gen 9 only has the top mounted Picatinny on the Receiver.

  • Gen 9 has the benefit of the Upper and Lower Receiver allowing for easier maintaining of Barrel, T-Piece etc.

So, really it comes down to what you prefer. Everyone has there own reasons when it comes to choosing between the two. Hell, I sold a Gen8 simply because it was black and thats what colour the customer wanted.

If you are tossing up between the two and have additional questions, reach out and we can assist you with any queries you may have.

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