Should Gel Blasters Be Legal? Yes They Should!

A Family Fun Activity!

So, A Current Affair has pegged the question, should blasters be legal?

And I say they should!

First and foremost, they are TOYS! With WATER GEL BALLS! Known as Gel Blasters! Not guns with real bullets! Just to clear up, the terminology that was used in their story!

A direct quote from there story: "America's got that problem," said one man on the street. "I don't think Australia needs it." Hmmmm....Yeah America's problem is real guns with real bullets! Not even the same ballpark.

This guy was just someone walking past, who is probably not educated, and one opinion does not dictate an entire sport.

I especially love how the majority of the people commenting are elderly! No offence, but elderly people hate change and are scared easily! The majority of them are still trying to get tap n go credit cards banned and mobile phones. Because there not part of there generation, they don't trust them! Just like Gel Blasters!

Yes, they may look realistic, but they are still a toy!

There will always be an idiot in this world that does the wrong thing.

But, that doesn't mean an entire sport should be shut down, because of a few people who have abused it in the wrong way! Throw the book at them! Not ban the sport!

So, new to gel balling? Ok, lets do some educating.

Gel balling is a sport, it is held at controlled environments.

Bringing friends and families together, to play! Just like an xbox game, only real-life!

The sport promotes fitness and gets the kids off the lounge, away from the TV, and outside playing!

Players create friendships, learn teamwork, and have an actual social experience. Not scrolling up and down on there Facebook or Instagram feed.

Just like any sport, there are rules.

The company behind this are known as, The Gel Blasters Association! They teach the safety awareness and safety aspects to playing with gel blasters.

The STOP n THINK campaign provides the rules and regulations of gel balling.

Educating people on the sports requirements, the penalties for mis-use, transporting the toys and more.

Less than 3 weeks ago 7News did a story showcasing gel balling at DonnyBrook Gel Ballers, they raised just under $8,000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. They showed it was a family sport, a bunch of people having fun.

Most of us know, a current affair always drags things out worst than they are. They like to strike fear to sell a story!

When I worked for an insurance company, A Current Affair did a segment on how insurance companies don't pay out life insurance policies. Now, they didn't say the 2 companies responsible for doing it, NO!

They made it out to be, that every company did it! For weeks we took 1000's of calls from scared people, who thought there families were going to be left with nothing. Just one of the many examples of a current affair creating a fear overload.

See, it is like when Nerf Guns were attacked, over being seen as realistic and the ammo hurting! They were given the chance to adapt, and now a popular selling kids toy!

But, they took the hits, and certain nerf guns are still banned!

However, you can purchase them at K-Mart and they are even sponsored currently by Fortnite!

But toy guns in Australia have always been attacked!

Because according to some, toy guns like nerf guns, paintball guns, blasters and even squirt guns, put the idea of violence into the minds of children.

This is an issue as old as time!

Some parents are for and some are against. With all the access we have online and with video games, shouldn't a sport that promotes the healthy use of toy guns be kept around?

So, lets adapt with blasters and be given the same chance.

A suggestion thrown around is to paint them different colours. Giving a less realistic appearance. Just like, nerf guns!

Not allowing them to be modified to an extreme where the gel balls will hurt!

Maybe look at licenses and what Police deem to be an appropriate age limit.

Lets not just simple ban them, people will still access them, we know this! Lets keep at least one state where we can educate and promote toy guns in a positive light!

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