• 7mm - 8mm Gels
  • Approximately 150fps
  • Range 20m+
  • Blow-Back Feature
  • 5 Rounds Per Second (Auto Mode)
  • Select fire Auto & Semi-Auto Shooting
  • Hold button for Prime Function
  • Built-in 20mm Rail for Tactical Accessories
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery 


Products ship within 2-9 business days.


*Helmet and Vest NOT INCLUDED*


Please always take safety precautions when using our products and follow the Stop & Think method. Gel Blasters are just toys, they are not weapons.

SKD Glock G18 Pistol (Magazine fed)

SKU: CS008
  • We are not lawyers, so this article is based on our research and interpretation of the law. In some cases it's very clear, in other cases it isn't. It is YOUR responsibility to understand the law, and consult the appropriate experts and authorities in your state before you consider purchasing a gel blaster.


    Even though federal laws allow Gel Blasters to be brought into the country, the legal situation surrounding Gel Blasters in Australia ultimately revolves around your state laws. As these laws differ drastically depending on what state you're in, it means that you need to be very careful when buying Gel Blasters to make sure you're on the right side of the law according to your state.

  • Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to pulling any of the blaster apart or opening it up, changing springs or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to an 11.1v battery.

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